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1. The crew of the KSG Heligan featuring (8 characters)
Josef Kyrian - captain, golden boy, hero, tormented manchild
Doctor - ex-marine, trained supersoldier, holds many secrets close to his chest
Gunner - the pilot
Cait - Engineer, voluptuous ginger and short tempered
Robin - cabin boy
Noi - augment child, doesn't speak, very heavily psychic
Nora - animoid XO, has a headband that allows her to attach to machines and a pet slime (think Saffron from Republica, I did)

2. Tobin in the bath, head back hands on the sides of the roll top bath, knees bent to allow him to soak his feet

3. "Benjamin Aurelian was beautiful. He had a wide clear forehead over an oval face with high cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin. He had narrow black eyes and thin arched eyebrows. Even his nose looked sculpted. Unlike most of the Third Children he had wide shoulders that tapered to a slim waist and narrow hips. His muscles trained to slimness rather than bulk like most of the N-class augments. He stood among them, each of them remarkable to look at, genetics adjusted to symmetry and arrangements found aesthetically pleasing, and burned."

4. The awakening of Number One

The fifth, the last of the first batch, opened with a sort of ominous hiss. The woman inside slowly opened her eyes and rose slowly and stiffly, her fingers wrapping themselves around McCoy’s wrist in a way that pushed up the sleeve of his jerkin, even as she blinked cryo-gel from her black lashes she looked at him in a way that suggested recognition. She looked at the bench and the others gathered there. “How many?” she asked and her voice seemed stiff with disuse.

“twenty,” Kirk answered, not sure why he just gave in to her authority.

She closed those soft brown eyes and sighed, her hair was cut in a strict fringe that was clumped together with the gel and unlike the others she wrapped the blanket around herself like a dress, with the same wobbly grace as Christine as she stepped down. “so few of us.” she said softly. She looked at those on the bench and smiled.

more details here
Number One was beautiful, in the way that horses or dangerous things were beautiful. She had long black hair that she wore strictly tied back in a pony tail that bounced and danced behind her, and a thick black fringe butted against her eyebrows. Her eyes were perhaps a little too small for a face too thin with a mouth too large, but they were set with a pair of cheekbones sharp enough that he could have used them to shave with, and a jawbone that perfectly echoed the shape of a man’s grip. Her voice was small, but it never lacked for command.

5. Mary from Revenant
She was half lovely half fire, blonde hair melded with tongues of flame that flared hotly as she raged, her feet were gone, perhaps to death or perhaps to the constant immolation that consumed her. “Rest...? A body is needed for sleep... Flesh and bones are required to recline. No, child, all I may do is watch, and remember, ceaselessly conscious as this wretched world’s history unfurls. Ghastly past, insufferable future, are they one and the same...? Am I always here?”

6. Natasha Romanoff - the black widow - pin-up with guns! think the side of an airplane

7. The vampire ballet



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